About Kivil Woodward

Complimenting his 5 year osteopathy training at l'École Professionnelle des Ostéopathes du Québec (EPOQ), Kivil also has a rich background in other forms of natural healing and wellness. Early in his career, Kivil intensively studied Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung, meditation, massage therapy and Reiki. In addition to massage therapy and bio-field healing work with individuals, Kivil acted as Meditation coordinator at Grada Rajneesh institute for Consciousness and Meditation and has led over 100 weekend seminars in the area of meditation, awareness through movement, and meditative healing practices. He has also taught interpersonal communication as part time faculty in Concordia University’s applied human science department. In his current practice, Kivil combines the inherent strength of osteopathic manual therapy with his long background in other natural healing methods to offer effective treatment to clients of all ages from newborn to the elderly.


Each treatment is customized to meet your specific needs.

General osteopathy, supporting longterm wellbeing, pain, lingering and chronic injuries, and complex health issues. Kivil is adept at helping clients reconnect with their capacity for self-healing.